How Top Traders Screen For Winning Stocks

How Top Traders Screen For Winning Stocks

Want to find stocks like top-performing traders?

Deepvue makes it easy by giving you access to accomplished traders' daily and weekly screeners.

  • Unlock the secrets of top trader screens
  • Discover what the pros are looking for when screening
  • Access the best screens and use them as your own

Learn From The Best Traders

Professional traders have a wealth of knowledge and experience through years of failures and triumphs.

You can gain an immeasurable amount of information by following in the footsteps of the best traders. By understanding their screening criteria, you'll obtain a deeper understanding of the core principles and techniques used to achieve greatness.

  • Study Successful Traders – Transform your mindset to see what they see
  • Cultivate inspiration – Embrace your curiosity to understand their successes

By observing your mentor's approach to screening, you gain valuable insights into effective strategies used to perform at an elite level.

Study Previous Model Book Stocks

Understanding that super-performing stocks have common characteristics will help guide you toward using screeners to find potential model book stocks.

Fundamental metrics will guide you to stocks with institutional interest by focusing on liquidity, earnings, and sales. Technical criteria will help keep you on the right side of the trend.

Over 80% of model book stocks
saw an increase of 30% or more in quarterly earnings per share and quarterly sales.

Over 90% of model book stocks
were in uptrends and above their 50-day simple moving average.

Your screening parameters should be influenced by studying model book stocks and the prominent characteristics they have in common.

Deepvue Shares The Secrets With Screener Presets

With the hundreds of screenable criteria available, it may become a daunting task to create a screener to find the best stocks.

Deepvue offers a collection of ready-made screeners, conveniently organized to help streamline your stock selection process. Use Deepvue's Screener Presets to help simplify your search for winning stocks.

  • Our library of screeners was built in collaboration with top-performing traders and decades of experience.

In the Screener tab, navigate to Screener Presets in the drop-down menu.

How Top Traders Screen For Winning Stocks

Here you will see the many screeners Deepvue has provided. Navigate through the different folders to find a screen that will help your screening routine.

Top Traders' Screeners

The greatest traders of all time studied other Legendary Traders. Deepvue has partnered with many of your favorite mentors to help you see what the best traders are screening for.

William O'Neil

EPS and Sales

Stan Weinstein

Four Stages

Oliver Kell

Bull Snorts, Doublers, Gappers

Mark Minervini

Monthly Trend Templates

Top Traders

Dan Zanger, Ross Haber, Mike Webster, Leif Soreide

Popular X Accounts

Patrick Walker, Quallamaggie, Stockbee

How Top Traders Screen For Winning Stocks

Deepvue Proprietary Screeners

These exclusive screeners are unique to Deepvue and are continuously enhanced to help you stay on top of market trends.

Deepvue Universe and Leaders

Includes basic fundamental and technical criteria plus relative strength and industry rankings.

Model Book Stocks and Liquid Leaders

Screen for the top characteristics all model book stocks have in common.

Highest Volume Edge

Discover strength when you see the highest volume ever, since a stock's IPO, or within the past year.

Price Tightening

Zero in on tight price action with RMV, Power 21, and Launch Pads

How Top Traders Screen For Winning Stocks

Fundamental Screeners

Find Institutionally supported stocks with elite Earnings and Sales.

  • Increasing earnings and Sales
  • EPS and Sales Surprises
  • EPS/Sales Growth 30%/30%

Technical Screeners

Apply the essential technical patterns to focus on stocks in uptrends.

  • Relative Strength New Highs
  • Up On Volume
  • 52 Week Highs
  • Candlestick Combination

Integrate To Your System

Click on the star next to any Screener Preset and you will see that screen on your main watchlist view. Use relevant screeners daily or weekly to help stay on top of your style's trends.

How Top Traders Screen For Winning Stocks

Click on the three dots to duplicate the screener and make it your own.

Personalize The Results

Once you've duplicated a screen, customize the criteria to reflect your trading approach. Edit the filters to better fit your search result needs.

How Top Traders Screen For Winning Stocks
  • Widen or Restrict the Search
  • Alter Percentages or Values
  • Add Fundamental or Technical Filters

Key Takeaways

Stock screening is an important tool for every trader that evolves into a personal practice as your unique trading style evolves.

Screens should be implemented to monitor the leading stocks closely. Maintain situational awareness by routinely screening for the best stocks.

Utilize Deepvue's Screener Presets to see what the top traders are looking at to help identify trading opportunities and stay informed of general market conditions.

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