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Deepvue is reimagining the scanning process.

Meet Deepvue's Screener

ScorING Systems

Technical Patterns

Sales & Earnings Growth

Endless capabilities

Our advanced screening technology is designed to identify popular technical patterns such as Stage Analysis, Trend Template, Pocket Pivots, and Wick Plays, among others, with unparalleled accuracy.

The most in-depth Fundamental filters on the market.

  • 14+ Quarters Historical EPS/Sales Data
  • 5+ Years Annual Historical EPS/Sales Data
  • 10+ Quarters Quarterly EPS/Sales Data Estimates
  • 5+ Years Annual EPS/Sales Data Estimates
  • Institutional & insider ownership data

Full ranking system

In Deepvue you'll find performance scores you know and love such as RS. Easily screen for RS on multiple timeframes. Filter by EPS score, A/D Rank, and more.


Access a library of pre-built scans

  • Technical & Fundamental Presets
  • Industry groups
  • Pre-built scans: Mike Webster, Mark Minervini, Oliver Kell, and more.

Advanced logic allows you to create more advanced screens

  • Unlock endless capabilities with optionally selected criteria
  • Combine multiple screens into one
  • Have the flexibility to create any screen you can think of

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