Stay Organized with Deeplists and Target Lists

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It is critical for modern traders and investors to stay organized in order to find top ideas and track industry/sector rotation.

Keeping an eye on leading stocks, your focus list, actionable set-ups and ideas as well as your portfolio has never been easier with Deepvue's Deeplists and Target Lists.

What are Deeplists?

Deeplists are fully customizable watchlists that help investors and traders stay organized, monitor top ideas, ETFs, their portfolio or a focus list.

Easily access Deeplists from the main menu with a simple click.

Stay Organized with Deeplists and Target Lists

Creating and managing Deeplists is a breeze with an easy to use drop down menu where you can create a new list, rename existing ones and sort lists.

Stay Organized with Deeplists and Target Lists

Deeplists can also be sorted by a simple drag/drop of the Deeplist tabs across the top of the module.

Stay Organized with Deeplists and Target Lists

In Deeplists there are a number of preset lists already configured to get new subscribers set-up quickly:

  • Alerts
  • Favourites
  • Universe
  • Coloured Target Lists
Stay Organized with Deeplists and Target Lists

Alerts List: In the Alerts list users can quickly check the status of alerts, see which ones have triggered, review notes, view charts, and sort alerts by any other data point. Easily edit alerts from right in the Alerts list, reset or delete triggered alerts.

Stay Organized with Deeplists and Target Lists

Favorites List: Keep a close eye on your top ideas or portfolio. The favorites tab is a convenient place to manage the best performing stocks, actionable set-ups or your portfolio. Users can add any data point to the columns to easily sort tickers in the list.

Stay Organized with Deeplists and Target Lists

Universe List: All lists in one convenient location. The Universe list is a consolidated list of all other Deeplists into one, with the duplicate tickers removed. This feature dramatically improves efficiency in reviewing watchlists each day. Columns are completely customizable with any data point in Deepvue.

Stay Organized with Deeplists and Target Lists

Colored Target Lists: The color coded lists are where flagged symbols end up. Deepvue's colored target flags make it easy to quickly mark stocks for further analysis, move them to a specific list or highlight them in an existing list. The colored lists can be renamed to suit user's preferences.

Stay Organized with Deeplists and Target Lists

Using Deepvue's Target Lists

Deepvue's Target List system makes it easy to mark tickers for further analysis or quickly organize stocks in few clicks.

Any ticker can be flagged by clicking on the ticker logo, then clicking on the desired color. The logo is then circled in the corresponding color to give a visual clue that it has been flagged. The ticker is also instantly placed on the corresponding color coded target list for quick review later.

Stay Organized with Deeplists and Target Lists
Stay Organized with Deeplists and Target Lists

This feature is incredibly useful for managing larger watchlists, sorting your stock universe, highlighting leading stocks or marking stocks of interest during screening. The flags are universal across the application, so flagging a stock in any module flags it the same color in all other modules.

Setting a Screener as a Deeplist

Deepvue's powerful screener is seamlessly integrated into Deeplists to make your screening routine quick and automated. Any screen can be selected as a ‘favorite'. Selecting the star creates the screen as a Deeplist so any stocks that pass the screen criteria are automatically placed on a Deeplist for review.

deeplists setup
deeplists and target lists in deepvue

Putting it all together

Deepvue's fully customizable DeepLists and Target Lists makes organizing watchlists and tracking the market simple and efficient. Track your portfolio, actionable set-ups, leading stocks and alerts all in one convenient format. Get organized today!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Deeplists are fully customizable watchlists designed to help investors and traders stay organized. They allow users to monitor any stock ticker, top ideas, ETFs, portfolios, or focus lists.

Users can create, rename, and sort Deeplists using an easy-to-use drop-down menu. Additionally, Deeplists can be sorted by simply dragging and dropping the Deeplist tabs. There are also preset lists like Alerts, Favorites, Universe, and Colored Target Lists to help new subscribers get started quickly.

Deepvue has preset lists for Alerts, Favorites, Universe and Colored Target Lists.

Deepvue's system allows users to flag any ticker by clicking on a ticker logo and selecting a color. The ticker gets flagged with that color and is added to the corresponding color-coded list.

Deepvue's screener is integrated into Deeplists, allowing users to automate their screening routine. By selecting a screen as a ‘favorite', any stocks that meet the screening criteria are automatically added to a Deeplist for review.

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